Collection of Antique French Bone Sewing Tools

A collection of 19 antique French sewing tools from the 19th century. Bone or ivory. For scale, the long tool with the beetle is 4 3/4", and the camel is 3". The collection includes:

- 1 hinged, collapsible pocket ruler with numbers on one side and letters on the other.
- 2 long tools with metal tops, which look to hold stilettos. One is simple and bone with a knob ending, the other is elaborately carved in ivory with a helix and a beetle.
- 2 needle cases.
- 3 hooks.
- 5 bodkins or ribbon threaders, some with awl points, and including one which looks to be ivory and has a carved camel on the top.
- 4 thread winders
- 2 tatting shuttles, including an intricately carved one from Canton, c. 1830.

Very good condition. Two of the pieces hold something metal, probably stilettos.