Custom Lover's Eye Framed Portrait


An oil Lover's Eye portrait in a classical style, in the unique frame of your choosing. From about 1780-1830, Lover's Eyes were painted on small pieces of ivory, set in jewels, and worn as brooches pinned close to the heart as cherished talismans, clandestine proclamations of love, and playful social guessing games. My Lover's Eyes are available in both miniature jewelry settings, on china plates, and in larger frames.


1. Decide whether you would like a miniature Lover's Eye portrait in a jewelry setting (other listings), on a plate (another listing), or in a traditional frame (this listing; stay here).

2. Find the perfect photo of the subject, paying particular attention to the eye, or do a photo shoot and take a new one. The quality of the painting will depend on the quality of the photograph! Lighting is essential, so make sure the lighting is precisely the way you want it. Natural diffused light from inside is best; direct sunlight is too harsh.

3. Send an email to me, Susannah Carson, at Attach one or more of the favorite photos you just chose.

4. Decide roughly what size of frame you'd like. Extra Small (longest side up to 6"; $300), small (longest side 6"-8"; $400), medium (longest side 8"-12"; $600), or large (longest side 12"-16"; $800). Some very nice frames will come with a surcharge, but these are the usual prices. Add this info to the email.

5. Decide if you would like to consider rectangular frames, oval frames, unusual frames, or all; add this info.

6. Decide if there is a particular color, style, and age of frame you would prefer; add this info. Send.

7. I'll get back to you with photos of available frames, and you'll select the one you like best. Most frames will be included in the above prices; some will have surcharges and I'll let you know here. Since each frame is unique, I can't guarantee stock, but I try my best to have a decent selection at all times.

8. We'll discuss any additional details until we both feel like I understand your expectations.

9. I'll paint. Give me 4-6 weeks to make sure I have enough time to work the portrait into my schedule and devote enough time to it. I'll try to do it as soon as I can, and I'll send ETAs when available. Feel free to check in. If this is a rush order, please message me so I can let you know immediately if I can accommodate.

10. After the painting is finished, I'll send a photo for your feedback. Since you know the subject best and I'll only have a photo or two, you'll be the best judge of whether or not the portrait has captured the right likeness. Please keep in mind, though, that this is a painting in a classical style, not a photo-realistic style, and that it certainly isn't a photo. I'll work with you until you're happy with the result, but let's both try to keep it to a couple of rounds of revisions.

11. I'll wait until the paint is dry (4 days to a week, depending on the weather), and then wrap it carefully and send it off!


The painting is yours, but the rights of the image remain with me. I'd love it if you'd authorize me to share the painting on my social channels and in listings such as this, but I'll respect your wishes if you'd prefer I didn't.

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