Deus Ex Machina: Jean-Pierre Philippe de Tout-Va-Bien


Each of us could use our own deus ex machina descending from the heavens, right when everything seems like nothing will ever work out ever again, to turn everything around and bring about a perfectly charming happy-ever-after. 

This is your personal deus ex machina, Jean-Pierre Philippe de Tout-Va-Bien (All-Is-Well), who is guaranteed to bring happiness into your life - and maybe even a little well-times luck, too!

The deus ex machina, literally, "god from the machine", was the god who would be lowered down from pullies in the last act to hover above the stage and pronounce the news that would resolve all the conflicts and bring about a cheerful denouement, i.e., the peasant of unknown birth is in fact the missing prince who is now king. Later, it became any fifth-act bearer of good news and demystification.

Oil on board in a vintage Florentine metal frame, 12"x17", visible 8.75"x11".