Rare Meiji Imari "Biscuits Vendroux Calais" Plate


An Imari porcelain plate, made in Japan in the Meiji period (1868-1912). The Vendroux cookie company, located in Calais, France, commissioned some Imari plates in the typical navy, rust, light green, beige, and gold patterns for their clients (http://herve-tavernier.e-monsite.com/pages/biscuiterie-vendroux-calais.html), with the words "Biscuits Vendroux Calais" hand-painted in blue around the inner circle. These plates are already rare, and this example is even more so, since for some reason those same words have been glazed over with the Imari design shown. Furthermore, the words weren't simply painted over at a later date my an amateur -- these are the same glazes used on the main design of the plate. Most likely one-of-a-kind, and probably dated 1880-1900. 1 5/16" in diameter.