Come see a selection of my pieces, included as part of a group show at Bergdorf Goodman in the Artists' Gallery sponsored by Chairish, located on the 7th Floor of 754 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019, (212) 872-8977


From 1780-1830, lover’s eyes were painted on small pieces of ivory, set in jewels, and worn as brooches pinned close to the heart as cherished talismans, clandestine proclamations of love, playful social guessing games, and the metonymic possession of the distant or departed beloved. I’ve attempted to revive this long-lost craft, in the tiniest of bejeweled settings to the largest of antique gilt frames, with eyes that – when I’ve done it right - sparkle with secrets, warmth, and wit. 


The women and men of the portraits look through their frames as if through windows and peepholes, suggesting worlds beyond our own. I'm interested in painting as not just an optical illusion, but as an illusion of life – of otherness, of richness, of engagement, of that delicate connection we have with other beings which allows us to feel, for a moment, not so alone. With compositions highlighting the gaze, these subjects tell us their stories with a single look, and ask for us to tell them our stories in return, thereby creating – unlike the alienation of much modern art – a welcoming intimacy.