Frame No. 13 - Carte de Tendre (8" for plates 4.25"-6")


Frame for a plate painting, with a 17th-century gravure of Mlle de Scudéry's Carte de Tendre from her novel Clélie (1654-1661).

Wood base covered with a high-quality giclée print on heavy paper. 8" square with a 7" center and holds a 4.25"-6" plate. The frame is 1/2" deep (the plate might extend a bit in profile). 

For scale, the chinoiserie landscape piece is 5.275", the Indian Tree piece is 5.5", and the Laurel pattern piece is 5.5".


Please select from the options: 

A. Frame only: no holes, no hardware (if you have your own use for the frame, or if you'd like to use it as a tray)

B. Frame prepped, with hardware for a plate 4.25"-4.75"

C. Frame prepped, with hardware for a plate 4.8"-5.25"

D. Frame prepped, with hardware for a plate 5.3"-6"


Some assembly required:

1. Clamp the metal plate hanger over the plate.

2. Run each of the 2 pieces of framing wire horizontally through the loops at the ends of the springs.

3. Thread the wires through the 4 holes in the frame; turn over, tighten, and twist the top pair of wires and the bottom pair of wires; for extra security, twist the resulting twists together too in the middle; cut off any extra wire; push as flat as possible.

4. Peel off the felt and adhere it to the back to cover the wires (it's very sticky!), leaving the sawtooth hanger at the top exposed.

5. Hang your framed painting on the wall, stand back, and enjoy!