Frame No. 17 - The Ladies' Coop (5" for Jewelry)


Frame to display a piece of jewelry, with an 18th-century gravure of two women in extravagant wigs in a coach, called "The Vis-a-Vis Bisected, or the Ladies' Coop".

Wood base covered with a high-quality giclée print on heavy paper. 5" square with a 4" center.

For scale, the first piece of Lover's Eye jewelry is 1 1/2"x1 3/4".


Some assembly required to make sure your piece of jewelry hangs at the right spot:

1. For a piece of jewelry with a small ring on the back for hanging, screw in one of the little "L" hooks - you might need to do a guide hole with a small drill bit. Tighten with pliers.

2. For a brooch with a pin back, you'll use three "L" hooks: two at the top for the pin back to hang on, and one at the bottom to push out the base of the brooch so it doesn't fall back at an angle - again, you might need to do guide holes with a small drill bit. Tighten with pliers.