La Galerie des Dames


La Galerie des Dames

A collection of 9 original oil paintings of ladies on antique Bavarian hand-painted porcelain plates (4 3/4"), mounted on hand-crafted wood frames papered with giclee prints 18th- and 19th-century French wallpapers (8.25"). 

1. Patience, in a pointed ruff collar, on a plate with gold points, in a geometric brown and blue frame.

2. Honoria, with a red ribbon in her hair, on a peach plate with deep gold clovers, in a blue, orange, and green chinoiserie frame.

3. Victorine, on a plate with purple flower and foliate garlands, in a puce, green, and black chinoiserie frame.

4. Felicity, on a pale peach plate with orange roses, in an olive drab, green, and orange chinoiserie frame.

5. Celestine, in a coiffeur à la chinoise, on a plate with pink roses and gold gilt details, in a pale blue, pink, and green botanical frame.

6. Benedetta, in a red shawl, on a green plate with foliate and grill details, on a hunt landscape frame.

7. Hero, on a plate with deep pink roses, in a deep brown, green, and pink botanical and bird frame.

8. Allegra, with blond curls, on a dark green plate with garlands of gold flowers, in a peach, green, and brown frame.

9. Prudence, on a pale yellow and light blue plate with gold gilt swags, in a dark brown and blue coffered frame.

The plates and the frames are sent unassembled to prevent damage, so light assembly is required upon arrival. Spacing and arrangement of the collection is at preference; as shown, they form a square of about 27".