Last One! - Mini Oxford Comma Giclée Art Print in Putty White and Black (3.25"x5")

$8.00 $15.00

From the Lost & Found Collection, in which some of the favorite things we had thought were lost have been found again: a giclée print of an original oil painting of an Oxford Comma. 3.25"x5". Signed and dated front (below the image) and back (within the image).

The Oxford Comma is part of the Lost & Found Collection, in which we have gathered together various things that have gone missing.

The Oxford Comma occurs at the end of a list: "lions, tigers, and bears." It is, oddly enough, the subject of a long-standing controversy between those who believe it is helpful and at times necessary for the sense of a sentence, and those who believe it is made redundant by the "and". Modern editors have a tendency to be anti-Oxford Comma, resulting in the excision of who-knows-how-many of these little pieces of punctuation. As I'm fiercely pro-Oxford Comma, I have accordingly rescued the commas and made them available to their supporters. (

I am not, however, in any way anti-anti-Oxford Comma-ers, as it is a lovely thing to have strong opinions of any persuasion about our English language in the modern era.)